From Nikon to Fuji

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From Nikon to Fuji Cameras


In 2007 I didn't own a camera. I had used them at work and was trained on Nikon FM2 film cameras but i did not own any. On my Honeymoon in 2004 I took some shocking pictures on a Canon Ixus. Most were rubbish, in fact many I use today in lessons at my studios on how not to use cameras. In 2007 I decided that I would like a decent camera. I researched it to death. At the time most people told you to go with Canon or Nikon. Most suggested Canon. I chose Nikon. Not to be different but at the time I felt that Nikon were the better option. The D300, which I bought was a great camera, better than anything I had ever used before. I loved it. Nikon also had a D700 which was a remarkable camera in all its full frame glory. I never owned a D700 sadly. My work started selling and I developed new skills. I bought a Nikon D3 next which was amazing too, then a D3S which to this date was my favourite Nikon. I have used D4/S since too, which added little for wedding photographers over the D3 series but for sports shooters its amazing. I don't shoot sports other than my children sports days. 

I was shooting plenty of studio work and my camera system grew to cover Landscapes, Portraits, Commercial and Weddings. I bought a brand new D800E when they were released and at the peak of my 'do everything photography' I was using a D3S, D800E, D600 and a D7100. The lenses were fabulous, most 2.8 or faster. My favourite lens was a Sigma 35mm Art F1.4 lens. My main work was becoming weddings, I always felt at ease and totally comfortable at a wedding. It is a pleasure to be at such an important event, with plenty of subjects to capture.

Mid 2013 something happened. I had read about Fuji cameras and the reviews were all generally positive. I bought a X100S from Fuji. I loved it and I started to use it at weddings and personally. There is plenty to like about a camera that is so small, has a leaf shutter and can take such fantastic pictures. However I still loved full frame. I still do. I sold the X100S on a whim. I carried on shooting Nikon. 

I also stopped shooting studio stuff. My wedding engagements were keeping me busy and I was beginning to work 7 days a week. That was never what I intended. I thought long and hard about my business and decided to focus on what I enjoy the most. Weddings. Another passion still remains Landscape photography too and I will always continue with that for pleasure.

I also looked at the way I shoot weddings. We all have a style and I began to fall into a semi traditional style of posed and natural images. The images that I like the most are not posed, they are natural and emotional. Sometimes during 'group' shots I wondered if anyone was  actually enjoying it. I found more and more that I wanted to get away from posed stuff. A wedding which does not have the obvious hand of a photographer in it, to me is special.

Fast forward to October 2014 I bought some Fuji gear. I bought a X-E1 and X-E2 plus some prime lenses. I ran a dual system at weddings, slowly selling off Nikon gear. The last prime I sold was my Sigma 35mm Art. It hurt selling that. During December I shot 12 weddings with dual systems. I retained my D800E and D600 with 24-70mm and 70-200mm. I always felt that I could not shoot a wedding without a 70-200mm. I know I'm not alone in this. I bought a Nikkor 135mm F2 manual focus lens with Fuji adapter to replace the 70-200!!

So for these weddings my kit was full frame Nikon zooms and Fuji primes. I thought that this was a perfect system. I was wrong. Using different cameras, even within the same systems and then using different manufacturers is not easy or fast enough for a wedding. Then you have the post processing of differing images, white balance and associated problems. I shot a wedding in January and when I got home sold all the Nikon gear. My D800E sold this week. Todays wedding will be my first with all Fuji gear. Even My assistant is using a Fuji X-E1. I cannot say anything bad about Nikon, I can't even blame the weight like some do. Whenever I shot for pleasure, with my family I would always take the Fuji. Liberating. I know many who are on the fence, its not a long drop and actually their is a professional life over here. There is Photofilm on my blog page of the wedding taken entirely on Fuji cameras.


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